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Peace Weaver

fiber artist + hand weaver

The Psychedelic Twill
an original hand weaving technique … 

… created by Peace Weaver one long winter in 1994 in a studio in Eugene Oregon.  After persistent studying and much trial and error, she found the right combination of color, pattern and structure to produce her signature textile technique, utilizing ancient weaving tools and design concepts inspired from sacred geometry and indigenous textiles.

THE PSYCHEDELIC TWILL is the first of its kind, using weaving “tablets”, or “card weaving”, tools.  These ancient weaving tools were lost for hundreds of years, and recently re-discovered. 
The PSYCHEDELIC TWILL is a new weaving technique, developed for using these ancient tools.
Because we have LOST the weaving knowledge, along with these tools, hundreds of years ago, it is a contribution to weaving, to develop this art and craft.  

In addition to beautiful, it is fun to produce, ever-changing patterns with sacred geometry and rainbow hues. No two pieces are alike, each as unique as the weaver.  The PSYCHEDELIC TWILL brings universal beauty into the world distinguished by its psychedelic textile patterns, illuminating the sacred way, where craft, art, weaving and lifestyle are united in balance. 

Book Release and Exhibit

This is currently being rescheduled…
including the very first copies will be released of THE PSYCHEDELIC TWILL book
A Gallery Exhibit, In Person and Virtual Opening

Opening Night

Presentation & Reception
Time: TBA

One Month Show

Gallery Open to Visitors
All Month: TBA
Daily: Mon-Fri, 10 am – 6 pm



The Refinery, Front Gallery 


Peace Weaver Artist

Artist and Author of
hand weaving technique.
book, exhibit, and lifestyle.


Fusing sacred geometry and a post-modern revival of ancient weaving techniques into mind-body-spirit-art.



Born in the Upstate of New York, Peace Weaver began making clothes at age 3.  She learned along the way: knitting, sewing, beadwork, crochet, hand-spinning, tie-dye, batik, upcycling, basket making, bookmaking, and more.  She studied Clothing Design and Textiles formally at Cornell University, and found her love of weaving and craft-as-lifestyle in Eugene, Oregon. 

Developing her very own hand weaving technique, she combined tablet weaving tools and sacred geometry.  Tablet Weaving, also called Card Weaving, was lost hundreds of years ago and recently re-discovered.  Weaver is reviving this lost art with timeless beauty and mind-body peace.  

Weaving Book

Weaving Book

Author of the Psychedelic Twill, in it’s first publication this year.  Sponsored thru a generous grant. Due out this September in the Book Release and Exhibit.

Gallery & Shop

Gallery & Shop

See my work, look, enjoy and buy (soon).  My portfilio is on-line.  I sell direct to collectors and thru select galleries.

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