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Being Thankful?

this is an article I wrote several years ago … being thankful is a feeling …I feature it now because it seems timely … may this article help you remember what it feels like to appreciate … may you cultivate this feeling and grow a garden of gratitude in your heart … originally published Nov. 23, 2013





Being thankful is a feeling, not a word!



As I prepare to enter 4 days of silence and meditation, (for my Thanksgiving, holy-day retreat),

I feel inspired to ask you, “For what are you thankful?”

Some of the greatest prayers, in every religion, are simply that…giving thanks.

To give thanks is to hold the vibration of appreciation…simultaneously in mind, body, and spirit…creating alignment or wholeness.

While we all know that the energy of the empty, social formality of  saying “thank you” is a meaningless gesture of politeness, do you know the other forms of giving thanks?

Have you ever come home from a long, hard day, and said “thank you” for the soft chair to rest in?  Or “thank you” to the bed, when you fall exhaustedly into it? Have you ever been soothed or washed clean by a shower when you felt too hot, too cold, too dirty, and said “thank you” to the water?    Were you ever really hungry, and someone shared half of their meal with you?  Have you ever received something you really needed in a completely unexpected, almost miraculous way?

These moments of need, answered so quickly by our surroundings, can propel us into a state of wondrous, awestruck gratitude…and this is the vibration of appreciation…the emotion of giving thanks.

Being thankful is a feeling, not a word!

The Stoics, ancient greek philosophers of living well, forcibly contemplated the lack of something to cause a reactive state of inspired gratitude.  This was a practice they developed to create happiness.

Gratitude leads to happiness…Count your blessings!

So whether you are thankful for a table, full of food, or thankful that your fasting, in solidarity with starving children…whether you are thankful to remember the pilgrims’ plight, or the slaughter of innocent, Native Americans…thankful for a room full of loved ones, or thankful for the simple peace and quiet of no family drama…the important part is the thankfulness.

Whatever you can hold onto in your mind…and heart…that you deeply appreciate…a memory, an experience, a prayer answered, justice served, a need met, a child’s laugh, a beautiful sunset…if it inspires you with awe…if it makes you feel as if something “bigger” is surrounding you and caring for you, then give thanks!

It’s a giving forth,
a selfless effort of sending love back to the universe,
in appreciative response to what you’ve received.

Hold the vibration of gratitude in your heart, with a smile on your face, and that alone will move you into peace, grace, wonder, oneness and joy.

Happy Thanksgiving!



 If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is
“thank you”, that would suffice….
Meister Eckhart



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