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make love not war

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make love not war

Power Over is …. OVER!

What’s Next? …. POWER TOGETHER

Power together is our love, our joy, it’s our human way to salvation. It’s the way to heal and restore the balance. It is the balm for our wounds inside ourselves and outside in the world.

So when we say make love not war, we are saying wake up, embrace your opportunity to love and give to others. Receive the ecstatic joy that comes from power together.

“when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”
prophet – Jimmi Hendrix —

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fluoride is a poison – there is no good reason for it to be added to our drinking water it is unconsciously added to most city supplies in the united states of America, it has been removed in dozens of cities throughout the country … and more and more … this is a relic left over from the days of chemicals, when there was DDT, and chemical pesticides and chemical living, and chemical killing. Somewhere next to pasteurization, and meat inspection, fluoridation got shoed into our water supply. fluoride additives COST 30K dollars a year of tax...

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