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make love not war


Power Over is …. OVER!

What’s Next? …. POWER TOGETHER


Everything is in balance. If things get out of balance one way, they return to balance the other way. Like a pendulum things swing back and forth. When we get to the edge of one extreme, things become unhealthy, out of balance.

The ancient wisdom of the world has long proclaimed a path of moderation and tolerance, because this helps to allow the law of balance to function well. Keeping things relaxed and easy, allows the balance to find it’s natural middle point. And the “best concerned for all” will naturally arise.

The wisdom of the ancients, also knew that this balance is part of the whole matrix of life: That it is inherent in the structure, and that we as humans needed to allow it. Part of allowing it is knowing our place in the matrix of life, realizing that we are part of the equation, and not the controlling rulers of it.

We are living at a time known as “the end times”, “the turning of ages,” the end of an eon in human consciousness and civilization. We have reached the fullest stretch of the pendulum. We can go no farther in the direction we have been going for centuries, and things are inevitably swinging back.

Yes there are people who are still trying to push forward in the same old direction, power over, domination, rationality above intuition, separation from nature, mind over matter, denial of the spirit, dominion over the earth. They are using their very last efforts to push this onward, while the majority of folks are shifting and changing direction, back towards the balance point.

Those in the “old” dying paradigm are unfortunately the problem. Not that they are getting old and dying, that is part of life. And it’s not a problem that the energy of life is shifting back towards the center this is in fact a great thing. The problem is that the “old” school folks are still moving in the direction of domination, and even more problematic, is that many of these folks are in control of money, natural resources, government, banking, and what may be the most frightening, the media. Even our news, radio, television, media is controlled by single-minded agendas linked to the old paradigm of power over control.

The old paradigm is rooted in conquest. It’s the energy of monarchs who invade, kill, rape, pillage, steal, murder, and take all for themselves. They fight with big clubs saying might makes right, or with thumping religious texts, saying god gave us the earth to do what we want, and kill everyone in our way. These days instead of mercenaries, clubs and guns, the domination paradigm shows up wearing suits and ties, it has bulldozers and oil rigs, an army of lawyers and bankers … But nothing has changed the mentality of power-over remains.15011_1_other_wallpapers_protest_peaceful_protesters_with_flowers

Many of us in the west are just watching. We sit in our comfortable westernized world, eating our boxes of snacks and watching our pre-programmed selections of media, sitting on big fluffy furniture, in climate controlled houses, with heat, hot water, and delivery pizza at the touch of a button. We watch the fringes of the world where things are breaking down … and approaching us. We see people now in the middle east, with a lot of money. Money from selling petroleum fuel to us lazy westerners, but they use this money to buy guns and kill people who don’t follow the same version of their religion. We see people so poor that they sell their children into slavery, and lazy sick westerners who buy their products, to perpetuate illusions of comfort. But most of us don’t realize how we support the impoverished enslavement of the outside lands, we buy our cheep items from poor countries, where the people work like mules, see the water and land polluted from toxic industrial manufacturing, and just sit back and enjoy our new sneakers, and their fresh “new” smell of off-gassing chemicals.

Yet now as we approach the end times, we have the inter-net, and now we see the pictures of the beheadings, the children in factories, the blood red rivers. We not only feel our bad karma, we see it. We now are starting to realized that these cheep overseas industrial items are giving us cancers and the GMO food we have handed over to factory farming is destroying our bodies, slowly weakening our constitutions.   We see that our government is not regulating for the good of the people, but is serving an agenda of greed that has now succeeded in purchasing every aspect of the government, and the few continue to mess the whole place up for everyone else, in their feeble lust fantasy of power over.

And where is the solution? Is it really just the meek, having a bake sale, and peacefully putting flowers in the barrels of guns? Where is the kick ass anti-dominance force? Is it mother earth, throwing us back to center with climate change and torrential storms? Is it the internet, and the power to the people? … a web of information showing that truth really is stronger than lies, that people would rather share and cooperate, that intelligence and kindness really is enough to make things better? Is it all of the above … in a way yes. But we have left one out.

The divine feminine needs to be set free. We are living in a culture of dominance, that only succeeded in “ruling” the world, by enslaving our mothers into darkness. Taking all the women healers and teacher of the western world and systematically publicly slaughtering them during the inquisition, until we all began to believe that wild, strong, outspoken, sexy, intelligent, earthy, healing women were bad. My friends the only thing wrong with powerful women, is that they threaten the powerful men … the problem is not the feminine’s power but the insecurity of the masculine’s.

I’m not really talking about men and women, I’m talking about all of us. We all have a masculine and a feminine side in us, and the feminine needs to come out and thrive in order for us to restore balance and survive. Its time to awaken and express our feminine side… our non-rational, mystical, poetic, deeply nurturing, loving, caring, creative, intuitive, protective, giving and very human side.couple heart love peace

How do we end this age, old battle between the dominance paradigm and allow our feminine, mother earth energy to balance? …the most natural way of course …. we make love! Making love is the way humans balance the genders, and the attraction of opposites, it brings forth loving acceptance instead of destructive dominance.

We are living in challenging times my friends, and I’m here to help bring to the light the unspoken words that many of us are uncomfortable to hear. We have been so deeply conditioned by our religious culture, to fear our own sexuality, that we don’t allow the healing power of love to overcome our selfish nature.

Making love takes many forms, not just in sex, but in surrender to another. To give up with all your heart so the others can feel good, is part of the gift of giving. And the real truth is that it feels good. Ask mothers who are breast feeding, carrying children and they will tell you the joy of the burden, the pleasure of giving-in to another person for their betterment. There are quotes everywhere from saints and happy people saying “living to give is the greatest way.” Even Jesus Christ, who  lived his whole life in loving service to others, COMMANDED:  “love each other as I have loved you.”

This is the power together paradigm, it’s the next things.
Power over is OVER. And power together is NEXT.

Power together is our love, our joy, it’s our human way to salvation. It’s the way to heal and restore the balance. It is the balm for our wounds inside ourselves and outside in the world.

So when we say make love not war, we are saying wake up, embrace your opportunity to love and give to others.   Receive the ecstatic joy that comes from power together.

“when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”
prophet – Jimmi Hendrix —

Let’s make it our time of peace. Put down not just the weapons of war, but the mindset of war. Shift gears into a deep understanding of our loving nature as humans. Relax your ego, go with the flow — opportunities to serve and help abound. Serve those who need care, but also stand up to the evil old school.  It’s not just about chanting om, harmony is also telling the war lords to fuck off.   Insist the greedy, lust hungry, grabbers get with the together program. Stop trying to get to the head of the pack, or the head of the line, let’s make some circles! … Make Love Not War …

Thank you.




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