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covenant of tribe

its time to revive our covenant of tribe

while marriage is broken

and so many un-ment words spoken

lust looms without devotion

sex is jam packed with latex and lotion…


the radio screams songs of broken hearts

crimes of passions rage tear lives apart

there’s crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth

at the bar on the corner you can grab some fresh meat

people drunk and dancing without missing a beat

bodies to fondle and souls to entreat


we wander on all levels

longing for love

or hiding, or forgetting,

or deflecting

or protecting

crystal mining inside with new age guides

denying root chakra and other great lies….


yet we all need to be cared for

and care for others too

while the world of separate self hood

is breaking in two…

a mess of crubled souls

who know enough is enough

but rising up from the battle field

can really be rough


I feel deep inside

that the time has arrived

to remove the exclusive

and divisive lies

that tear us asunder

and devour our souls

leave wreckage of lifetimes

karma untold


so I proclaim redemption

for every woman and man

the true restoration

is now at hand



I feel that it comes from our deepest inside

to live our life fully, authentically, alive

and we need more than partners

more than two against all

we need a circle of comrades

to catch us when we fall


who care for each other

as we care for our selves

it’s the breaking of selfishness

the ending of hell


it’s returning to zion

to the promised land

to the place where I feel

your heart in my hand


so join me, please come

let’s find a new way,

to avoid future troubles

and heal the past pains,


I know that the secret is now crystal clear

the time for humanity’s form is revealed

we are circles of circles

we are beings that bond

there is love in togetherness

that’s how we belong….


so help me to get there

I feel so sad not to be

living my life

as a full human being


my heart longs to be one

to belong

be alive

in the warmth of loved ones

where it’s safe

I can thrive


come help me get there,

so we all can survive,

we’re stripped down to basics

it’s now do or die


the time of the cleansing

the purification

the removal of lies

the restoration


the humans come home now

come back home inside

restoring the covenant

the covenant of tribe.




(c)2012 — by peace lea weaver

5/22/12 4:57 pm original in dobra’s tea house, asheville, nc, usa

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