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… if we are made in the image of our creator
then to create is divine

creating beauty brings us closer to our divine nature …

creating art is medicine for our souls,
sharing art is social healing …

the art i create includes, songs and poems
fabric, weaving, clothing

i create spontaneous art with my body, in sound, movement, dance

how do you create … ?

art is our power to transform,
from emotion to expression, from pain to pleasure …

this page highlights and links into my art …



“We Are Them” … music CD

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“We Are Them” … music CD

11 original songs in a full length CD recording
recorded and produced by genius Mark Glick, in Austin, Texas, USA,
from Singer/Songwriter Peace Weaver

a mystic folk journey through song …
from the consciousness of individual perception to the mind of unity …
we are one … we are them!

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I began my fiber artistry, making clothes, when I was 3 years old … By the time I was 12, I made my entire wardrobe and continued learning: knitting, crochet, embroidery, pattern making, tailoring, sewing, up-cycling, tie-dye, batik, spinning, dyeing, baskets and books …  Then I learned to weave, I arrived. I found my craft, tablet weaving the psychedelic twill, bridging analysis and design into artistic expression, sacred geometry into ancient tools and techniques, creating cloth from thread, through time and space … I learned about...

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I have been writing songs since – the mid 1990’s. My first five song books form a series – HEALING FROM LOVE LIVE THE DREAM WE ARE THEM HOLY HUMANITY LOVE YOUR ENEMY One full length CD has been produced from my songbook – WE ARE THEM – was produced into a full length CD -by a masterful friend – Mark Glick – in Austin, Texas, USA. WE ARE THEM, is a concept album, a journey through song, from the consciousness of individual perception, to the mind of unity . . .  we are one released – Peace Trains...

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