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Hello …

I am Peace Weaver
minister of oneness …
spiritual social philosopher

teacher of unity, higher consciousness,
energy, ecstasy, tantra and yoga …

I promote wellness of
mind body and spirit …
inner and outer world peace …

wholistic artist of
music, weaving and sensual bliss …

I write, teach and love …

Thank you for visiting …
peace be with you …


covenant of tribe

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if you really want to feel my heart and what makes it break … it’s my longing for you
for all of us to connect like humans the way we were designed to … in tribe

my poem of declaration and witness – covenant of the tribe

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Keep it Real America ! … 2017

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Keep it Real America ! … 2017

my new theme song for the year 2017 it’s an old favorite disco hit that just nailed all the emotion angst, and political unease of 2017 leaves me ready to shake it off and keep going … Cheryl Lynn sings … Got To Be Real Haters LOOK OUT … Love is Real Too … Make it Real … Got To Be Real it’s got to be real …   your love is my love      my love is your love          our love is here to stay !  ...

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make love not war

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make love not war

Power Over is …. OVER!

What’s Next? …. POWER TOGETHER

Power together is our love, our joy, it’s our human way to salvation. It’s the way to heal and restore the balance. It is the balm for our wounds inside ourselves and outside in the world.

So when we say make love not war, we are saying wake up, embrace your opportunity to love and give to others. Receive the ecstatic joy that comes from power together.

“when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”
prophet – Jimmi Hendrix —

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