Hello …

I am Peace Weaver
Social Philosopher
Artist & Yogini

I teach Tantra:
the ancient art of sacred relating,
weaving opposites into harmony…

holy humanity,
that is our mission.

We share a need to survive
peaceful cooperation is the way.

It is my honor to help you
find more peace,
inside and out !

Thank you for visiting with me.

Peace be with you.



covenant of tribe


read it here
this is the revival that people are talking about …

the heart and soul of my longing for you …
longing for our human fulfillment, reconnecting thru tribe

make love not war


Power Over is …. OVER! …
it’s old school, past, patriarch, abuse…
Power Together is … NEXT! …
it’s our love, our joy. It’s win/win, sharing, equality, the way of the future, and our way to salvation …

“when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

Being Thankful?


… being thankful is a feeling, may this article help you remember what it feels like to be thankful … may you cultivate this feeling and grow a garden of gratitude and appreciation in your heart …